Doctors Clinics

See when our clinicians are available and what clinics we have to offer!

Doctors Clinics

We are no longer offering pre-bookable GP appointments. If you would like to see a GP you will now be able to complete the online tool “Ask my GP” or contact the surgery on the day that you are available. We would recommend patients to use the online tool whenever possible as it will provide the doctor with more detailed information of your problem, however if you do not have Internet access then just call the practice and our reception team will ask for a brief description of your problem to give to the GP. The GP will then contact you by phone, we aim for this to be within the hour, to discuss the issue you have and, if they are unable to deal with it over the phone, they will arrange for you to come into the surgery for a face to face appointment later that day.

Mental Health

If you have any mental health issues such as feeling low, anxious, depressed etc. and would like to discuss your problems please contact the surgery and the GP may recommend you have an appointment with Jonathan Lanham-Cook, who is our new full time Mental Health Nurse Consultant based at our Little Stoke Practice.

Ear, Nose & Throat

We have a range of ENT facilities to provide ear suction with microscope.


We deliver top class dermatology care for our own general practice patients. This is delivered by Dr. Simon Bradley who has many years clinical experience of skin problems in General Practice.

Minor Surgery

Concord Medical Centre offers a full range of GP minor surgery, including the removal of small “lumps and bumps”, joint injections, skin lesion cautery, cryo-cautery and nasal cautery for nosebleeds. Please note that we do not remove lesions that are for cosmetic reasons nor do we provide cryo-therapy for warts and verrucae unless they are impairing function as the natural history is for the latter to resolve spontaneously with time.