Laura England

Musculoskeletal Consultant


I graduated from UWE Bristol in 2002, and have worked in Physiotherapy services since this time, initially in Swindon and then in Bristol since 2004. I have worked in South Gloucestershire for all of this time with both the Physiotherapy service and the Clinical Assessment & Treatment service whereby I worked closely with the Orthopaedics team. I have worked in sport, mainly rugby and football, and I co-own a private practice.

In July 2015, Concord Medical Centre identified the need to have a musculoskeletal specialist within the team, to help diagnose, assess and identify what treatment is required for individual patients. I have been employed to bring my experience to the team and aid swift treatment to be implemented for the patients of the practice.

In a typical consultation, I will ask you all about your condition, look at how you are affected with movement, tell you what the problem is, and either refer you for some diagnostic tests, or start you off with some exercises or manual therapy, or maybe a steroid injection to get you going again. If I think you might need further care I will refer you to the local Physio team, or orthopaedics if I think surgery may be necessary.

As my role is aimed at the diagnosis and investigation of musculoskeletal problems, I am not able to offer ongoing traditional physiotherapy. If this is required, then I can refer you to the local physiotherapy service.