New GP Appointment System

We listened…

You have told us that you find it difficult to get an appointment with a GP and that you also don’t get to see the GP you wanted to see.  In order to improve access to your GP we are changing the way you make an appointment.

Although the Practice offered over 78,000 GP appointments in 2016 which is now at record levels and has increased year on year – we are still not meeting the increasing demand placed upon us.

The number of GP appointments ‘lost’ due to patients not attending them has also risen steeply and is now at record levels. Just over 3500 GP appointments  (each appointment at least 10 minutes long were ‘lost’ through non attendance in 2016).

So all in all the system isn’t working for you or us.

Our appointment system is changing to improve our service.

Simply go to our home page at using any device that can access the Internet and click on the Ask MY GP app. Complete a simple questionnaire either to ask a question or for advice from a member of our clinical team – you can even select who you want to speak with.

Alternatively you can continue to call the surgery in exactly the same way and you will be called back by a member of our clinical team.  Our reception staff will take your name and make sure they have your correct telephone number, land line or mobile.  They will ask you in confidence what is the nature of the problem.  You do not have to say, but it is helpful to the doctor who will call you back on the phone.

How soon will the doctor call?

The doctor will call as soon as possible, usually within the hour, so please stay in or with your phone.  Please tell the receptionist if you need the call at a particular time.

What happens when the doctor calls?

The doctor will discuss the problem with you and work out what to do next. You may want advice, or a prescription, or you may need to come in. The doctor will arrange an appointment if you need to be seen. Usually this will be the same day, but you can ask for a later day if you wish.

Do I need to call early?

No, the service is exactly the same whatever time you call. There is often a rush at the start of the day, so you may find a quicker response later on.

How does this help patients?

It cuts down the wait to see a doctor.
It saves the frustration of not getting through.
It avoids wasted time coming in to the surgery when you don’t need to.

Already, over 500,000 patients enjoy this new system all around the country.