Young Carers

A young carer is anyone under 18, whose life is in some way restricted because of the
need to take responsibility for the care of someone who is ill, has a disability, is
experiencing mental distress or is affected by substance misuse.

COVID-19 Carers Information

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Information regarding Carers Rights Day.

Being a carer is a demanding task and as a practice we want to ensure that you are receiving all the support that is available to you. If you are a carer it is important to let us know so we can add you to our ‘Carers’ register’(see the bottom of the page for more information). This means that we can offer you a more flexible appointment service if required.

Young carers are children and young people who look after someone in their family who has a disability, a long term illness, or is affected by mental ill health or substance misuse.

Young carers may look after parents, care for a brother or sister, or another family member. The average age of a young carer is 12 and they take on responsibilities normally only expected of an adult.

Carers Assessment

As a carer, you are entitled to an assessment of your needs. To arrange for a carers assessment you can contact:

Bristol: 0117 922 2700
South Gloucestershire: 01454 868007

The Carers Emergency Card

For people who care for adults or children who depend on them because of an illness or disability.
The Carers Emergency Card is a free service that provides up to 72 hours of emergency support to the person cared for in the event of an accident or emergency that prevents the carer from looking after their loved one.
To apply for a South Glos card call The Carers Support Centre CarersLine on 0117 965 2200 or alternatively ask for a form next time you are in the surgery.

What type of care do young carers provide?

  • shopping​
  • cleaning​
  • washing & ironing​
  • cooking​
  • washing up​
  • helping to look after siblings​
  • taking care of pets​
  • gardening​
  • managing bills/money
  • helping with medication​
  • fetching/carrying​
  • support with dressing​
  • helping to go to toilet​
  • help with washing​
  • organising appointments​
  • emotional support​
  • interpreting or signing​
  • keeping company​
  • support with eating


Young carers are known to face a variety of issues including:

  • bullying
  • having no support due to being a ‘hidden’ young carer
  • lack of understanding due to lack of awareness from peers and professionals
  • educational disadvantages such as attendance and attainment issues
  • mental and physical health problems due to caring role
  • providing inappropriate care
  • not having access to ‘normal’ childhood experiences
  • being tired and appearing withdrawn
  • lacking confidence
  • feeling worried, stressed or angry
  • isolation and loneliness



Some background stats on young carers:

Young carers (children aged 5 -15) in Bristol and South Glos.

Unpaid carers aged 5 to 17 years old in the South West.

Further Support and Information

The Carers Support Centre

(Translated Carers Packs here)

Carers Line: 0117 965 2200 (opening times are 10am–1pm Mon–Sat)

Bristol and South Glos Young Carers

Carers Line: 0117 965 2200 (opening times are 10am–1pm Mon–Sat)

Carers UK

Carers Direct
Tel: 0808 802 02 02