Simply click the askmyGP logo using any device that can access the Internet. Complete a simple questionnaire either to ask a question or for advice from a member of our clinical team – you can even select who you want to speak with.

To see when our clinical team are in the practice, please click here.

Download and read our guide on using askmyGP here.

About askmyGP

The askmyGP process

Complete a simple questionnaire either to ask a question or advice from a member of the practice team.  If you are asking for clinical advice you can select the Doctor you usually see or you can select ‘anyone’ and once the request is received into the Practice the receptionists assign them to the appropriate clinician or receptionist/administrator.  You may, therefore, receive a response from a Clinician or a receptionist as deemed appropriate.
We aim to respond to all online consultations as soon as possible and usually within a couple of hours. We normally guarantee same day response if you submit by 5 pm (Monday to Friday), however, this is dependent on the availability of our Clinical Team.

We’ve updated to askmyGP version 3

  • The new improved design makes it easier to use.
  • Your old login may work, but if not simply register as a new user. If your email has transferred, request a password reset.

  • You can now manage your profile and view past messages.

Booking In Advance

We understand that our appointment system may, at first, seem inconvenient for working people when trying to book a planned appointment, but we try to be as flexible as possible to get around this. Overall when surveyed more patients are happy with this system than the more traditional systems where appointments are booked in advance with prolonged waiting times.

The best way to make a planned appointment is to complete an askmyGP form the evening before or morning of the day you are available for an appointment, giving us as much information as possible on the form. You can look on our website to see when specific clinicians are in the surgery, as continuity is good for care. If it is clear that you will need a face to face appointment then, when one of our medical team has read your askmyGP form, our Patient Services Team will give you a call and book you an appointment that is as convenient for you as possible on the day you are available. If it is unclear whether your problem might be resolved over the phone the GP will give you a call, which will usually be in the morning if you have submitted the askmyGP form the night before, and you will be offered an appointment face to face if needed later that day that is as convenient for you as possible.

We have some weekend appointments available most weeks that can be booked in advance and you can ask for one of these if that would be better for you.

How soon will the doctor call?

The doctor will call as soon as possible, so please stay in or with your phone.  Please add to your askmygp request when you would like the call at a particular time.

Do I need to call early?

No, the service is exactly the same whatever time you call. There is often a rush at the start of the day, so you may find a quicker response later on.

what happens when the doctor calls?

The doctor will discuss the problem with you and work out what to do next. You may want advice, a prescription, or you may need to come in. The doctor will arrange an appointment if you need to be seen. Usually, this will be the same day, but you can ask for a later day if you wish.

How does this help patients?

It cuts down the wait to see a doctor.
It saves the frustration of not getting through.
It avoids wasted time coming into the surgery when you don’t need to.

Already, over 500,000 patients enjoy this new system all around the country.