Change or cancel an appointment

Change or Cancel your doctors appointment

It is important that you inform us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your appointment. This allows us to offer that appointment to another patient.

The fastest way to change or cancel your doctors appointment is via askmyGP but you can also call us on 01454616767.


Change or Cancel your nurse appointment

We release the majority of our Nurse and Routine Clinic appointments for pre-booking up to four weeks in advance as we realise that often patients want to pre-book an appointment. The number of appointments available for pre-booking varies from week to week depending on the number of clinicians available. Please note that we cannot guarantee that a pre-bookable appointment will be available with a specific nurse of your choice.

Please note that between 8.00-10.00am the 8 telephone lines into the practice are extremely busy but with the use of our online tool “Patient Access” there is no need to ring as soon as the lines are open.