Repeat Prescriptions & Test Results

Repeat prescription ordering update

Order repeat prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions are ready for collection after three working days. (so if you order on a Monday, it will be ready by Thursday for collection).

If you are aged 16 or over, order your prescription online here.

If you are under 16, please order your prescription online here.

If you prefer to order your prescription in person, fill in the right-hand side of your last prescription by ticking the items you need and drop the request into the surgery.

To make sure we prescribe repeat medicines safely, we cannot process requests over the phone or by email.

If you would like to have your prescription sent directly to your chosen pharmacy for collection, please use the free text box to tell us which pharmacy you would like us to send it to.

Medication reviews are changing!

From 1st April 2019 we will adding an annual medication review date to all repeat prescriptions. If you have a medication on repeat you will find the review date printed on the right hand side of your prescription (ask your pharmacist for the copy if your prescriptions are sent electronically).

When your review date is due please book a 10-15 minute telephone appointment with the practice clinical pharmacist or a GP for your medication review.

This will be a single annual appointment that will give you an opportunity to discuss the following:

  • Whether your medication is still effective for you
  • Whether you are on the correct dose of medication
  • Any side effects you might be experiencing
  • Checking that any physical health checks required for your medication (e.g. blood tests or blood pressure checks) are up to date, and booking appointments for them if not
  • Making sure the medication list and quantities that we have on our records are up to date so you can conveniently reorder the correct medications when you need them

In some cases we may not need to speak to you about your medications, and if your physical health monitoring is up to date we will renew your medication review date automatically. You can still book a medication review if you feel you would like one.

If you have a very complicated medication regime or more complex physical health problems we may invite you for a 30 minute face to face medication review with the practice clinical pharmacist.

We would advise that you book for any physical health checks as soon as you are invited as this will mean we can reauthorise all of your repeat medications for the next year at your medication review.

Questions about your medication

Pharmacists are trained experts in the use of medicines. For many questions regarding your medication you’ll find your pharmacy a valuable source of information.

Our practice pharmacist can also answer your questions about your medication such as:

When you should take it and what to do if you miss a dose.

What the possible side effects are, and what to do if they occur

Request a call-back online or call us after 11am on 01454616767.

Test results

If you have any tests whilst visiting our practice, the GP or nurse will usually tell you how to get your results. You can view your results online here. If you are asked to phone for your result, please contact us on 01454 616767 after 11am. 

  • It can take up to 10 working days to get an ultrasound or x-ray result.

Most blood test, urine and swab results are available within 1 week.